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    Yord is an open and paid video platform focused on premium content with no ads. Though everyone will able to upload a video, trailers, special rating system and psychology of paid content will make only the best videos get to the top.

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    High price for subscription makes Yord an ultimate solution for every type of content. So, you can watch premium videos from big YouTube and Instagram creators. Professional and niche content from small bloggers and TV shows, serials and movies.

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    One view on Yord costs approximately $0.06, that is up to 10x more profitable than on other platforms. So, bloggers will use Yord as an alternative to monetize unique content. Moreover, they can invite their fans via our Referral Program and earn also from this.

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    Yord Referral Program is a system that brings you monthly income for invitations. You invite people using your personal code and make money from 3 invitation lines. The first line brings you $4 per person monthly. The second line — $2.5. The third line — $1.5.

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